Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Looking For a Date With the Perfect Book?

Then check out Bookmatchers.com. This unique book matching site uses algorithms initiated by criteria you, the reader, selects to present books that most closely match what you want to read. How cool is that?

As a reader, what you do is go to the site and select the Search Form tab for either Fiction or Non-Fiction, and use the drop down menus to select your preferences for what kind of book you are looking for. There are quite a few menus so you can really narrow it down, but if you are just looking for something more general, you can leave most of the menus in the default of no preference.

The above are the search forms for readers, but they are also the drop down menus for authors to select genre, sub-genre, and other details about their books. The above were my selections for something I wanted to read. I couldn't remember exactly what I had put for each of my books when I entered them as the author as it had been a few weeks since I did it, but I figured I'd go with what I like in a book since I love to read the same stuff I write. 

Look what it found for me to read! My own books! But not just mine, there are several others too, and that is when the sample comes in handy.

As an author, it's a bit more involved process, but each book took me no more than about five to ten minutes or so to input the data. It helps if you have your links and product description handy like in an open notepad document so you can just copy and paste. (no shortened links). What I love is that I can add a different preview than what Amazon has. It isn't nearly as long as Amazon's, just a short excerpt of about 700 words, but you can pick it to really show your writing style. I think finding that was the most challenging part of the process as I wanted to do do several.

Book Matchers Page for Mark Taylor: Genesis

Most importantly, this site is free to use for both readers and authors. Any book can be submitted. For example, if you have read a book that you loved, you can submit it even as a reader. There is a place for you to state that you are not the author, and obviously, you wouldn't be able to post the excerpt, but if you wanted to take the time to add your favorite Stephen King books so other readers can be matched them, you can do so!

Any author can add their books. This is not something just for self-published authors, but for anyone who wants one more way for readers to find your books. Every day new ones are added, and the more that are added, the greater it is for readers.

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