Monday, April 8, 2013

Do You Believe in Ghosts? A Guest Post by Author Karen Cantwell

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Do you believe in ghosts? I've been running a poll on my blog and while there have only been 19 responders to date, 74% of them say they believe in ghosts. A couple of those who answered do not buy into the ghost concept, but do believe that Elvis is still alive. Hmm. I'll bet they believe in Bigfoot too.

Well, I for one, am a believer and as a believer, I think ghosts have been given a bad rap. Books, movies, and TV shows portray ghosts as scary with evil intentions. They howl and throw things and kill people and inhabit live bodies. Where are the nice ghosts? The guardian spirits? Why are they not represented more often in literature and film? I'm not going to say it's a conspiracy, but you can draw your own conclusions. Yes, I think an obvious bigotry has been directed at spectral beings, and it's time this hatred was put to an end. That's why I wrote Keep Me Ghosted, the first book in the Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance Series. I'm standing up in support of ghosts!

Actually, there is the occasional representation of the good ghost. My favorite is the 1947 movie, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (along with the short-lived TV show of the same name). A young widow and her two young children discover that the New England seaside house they've moved into is haunted by the former owner -- an old salt named Captain Daniel Gregg. The captain ghost resists this intrusion, but eventually he develops a ghostly love for his uninvited guest. Both the movie and the television show were quite fun and lovely. And then, of course, there is the very famous and aptly titled, Ghost. If only he hadn't gone into the light, we could have possibly had a sequel or two or three, helping to further the cause of the good guy ghost. Darn.

So how about you? Do you believe? And if so, what is your favorite book, movie, or television show about ghosts?

Karen Cantwell is the author of the popular Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series as well as the new Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance Series. She lives and writes in Northern Virginia. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and gardening. You can learn more about Karen and her books at
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  1. No way do I believe in ghosts, Karen. And Elvis is not a ghost. He lives. I saw him at Kmart yesterday. :D


  2. I would like to say I believe. I have a ghost story in the works (sorry it's not really in support of ghosts) and I would like to believe that these paranormal hauntings do happen.

  3. Al - a Kmart sighting! I'm so jealous. I thought Elvis only appeared in small country dives hovered over a heaping plate of biscuits and gravy. :-)

    Cheree - I admit, I love a good horror ghost novel too!

  4. Thank you for having me here on your blog, M.P.!!!

  5. When I owned the 170 yr old hotel in M.P. McDonald's home a parking lot and storage garage...there were spooky things that went on that could have NO other explanations. Light throughout the building, especially the basement, would turn on and off at all hours of the day and night all by themselves every day. Had to be the poltergeist hiding in that building.

  6. Thank you for your attention to optical therapy. My grandson has the convergent problem you describe in the book. After about a year of therapy, we cannot get the books out of his hands! Too many children go undiagnosed and suffer.