Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Sale-Two Books for 99 cents

That's right. I have had this duobook of No Good Deed and March Into Hell for a few years now, but I never put it on sale before. In fact, I never did much of anything with it. It was just there as a way for readers to save a little money over purchasing both books separately.

From today until 4/9, The Mark Taylor Series: Books One and Two is just 99 cents.

I have often posted about No Good Deed, so I won't re-hash that. Instead, I will focus on March Into Hell. I have always had a hard time describing this book, so I was thrilled when a recent reviewer did it so well.

Mark Taylor does not seek out celebrity, abhors publicity and is assuredly not paparazzi. His days revolve around his work as a professional photographer, his relationships and his sometimes heroic adventures which are the result of his ownership of a very unusual camera. Having found this ancient camera in a bazaar in Afghanistan, Mark learns that it yields photos of future events which he can sometimes alter to produce a more favorable outcome. Unfortunately, his life become a nightmare when one journalist hounds him for a story which may be his undoing. 
Denise Jeffries initiates Mark's descent into Hell with a simple telephone call. Asking Mark if he is the Mark Taylor the government recently designated as an enemy combatant, and totally disregarding Mark's "no comment" reply, Denise spews out fact after fact regarding Mark's Good Samaritan acts some of which she has researched in newspaper archives and others which she has verified through a source with the police; "incidents" which never made the news. The caller then questions Mark about his religious beliefs. Is he a religious person? Running with her own grandios idea, Denise finally asks, "Mark, do you feel like you have a connection to God?" Finally hanging up the phone Taylor tells his assistant with a chuckle, "that reporter had some crazy notion that I worked miracles.
Now the players are in place, the thread of danger has been sewn into the fabric of Mark's daily life. He is ready for his descent into Hell shoved, as it were, by the hands of one unscrupulous journalist, television reporters and the ever present paparazzi, clawing and pushing, hungering for photographs of this unwilling pawn. As the thread unravels, Mark becomes the victim in a power struggle, a struggle that threatens his very life.
So there you have it--an awesome summary of the plot of March Into Hell. I said I wouldn't re-hash the No Good Deed plot, but I will take this opportunity to share an excerpt from a review a recent review:

I certainly will not complain about self published authors, I love them and their works. They have guts. What I will say, is that I am surprised this book has not been picked up yet by a major publisher. This book in well crafted on all accounts. It is immensely readable, and will grab your attention and refuse to relent.
This author plainly has a gift for weaving together a believable story with characters you find interesting and engaging. One of the things that surprised me about this book was how good the editing is. The sentence structure flows perfectly. The text never feels choppy of incomplete.

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