Thursday, July 25, 2013

Call Me Crazy


Right now, half of my series is free! Mark Taylor: Genesis is perma-free in the U.S, UK, Canada, Germany and France. Perma-free means that I have it free on sites other than Amazon, (iTunes and Kobo) and Amazon has price-matched it to free. The only control I have of it as far as it being free is leaving it free on those other sites and hope Amazon continues to price-match. It has taken a few months for it to be price-matched in places other than the U.S.

Free 7/25-7/27

My other books are all in Select and I decided to make No Good Deed free everywhere from 7/25-7/27. I'm trying some
new marketing sites that I've not used for free before, as well as applying at some of my favorites that have posted it. Since I'm writing this blog post before the book is actually free, I don't know if it'll be picked up as getting a mention is hard to do as my book will be competing with all the other free books who want a mention also. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I hope it gets some love from some other free sites. So, we'll see how this experiment goes. I hope having two freebies at one time attracts some new readers to the series because as you can see from yesterday's post, I have a fifth book in the series coming out soon.

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