Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Book Discoverability Site... ThatPartWhere

I heard about this site a few weeks ago and quickly signed up one of my books, No Good Deed. At the moment, they are free. What makes it different is that the site isn't about book price or even reviews. It's for those readers who really want to get a good idea of what a book is about. With ebooks, you can read the beginning, and read reviews, but you can't browse through the book and find a good scene to start reading mid-book. I know I used to find a lot of books that way. If I found an intense scene while thumbing through a book at a bookstore, I'd almost always buy it. This helps with that problem by including excerpts from beyond the first 10% that Amazon allows.

I asked for help from my readers about what scenes, besides the opening one would be most likely to grab a reader. I had several suggestions for the opening scene where Mark saves the baby from drowning in the bathtub, which makes me glad that it was the scene that hooked so many of my readers, but I decided on two that a reader couldn't find anywhere else except by buying the book. One scene is with Jessie and Jim, the other with Mark and Bill.

No Good Deed on ThatPartWhere


  1. I loved, loved all four of them. I read them back to back. While walking to work, during lunch, while cooking, while doing laundry, while waiting in line at the grocery other words, I could not put them down. Thank you so much!! I can't wait for the next one to be finished. Hugs to you, Tango

    1. Hi Tango! Thank you so much for searching out my blog and commenting here. I really appreciate the feedback and I'm so glad you enjoyed the books. :-)

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