Friday, March 7, 2014

Middle Child Syndrome

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No Good Deed was my first book 'baby', and like a first baby, people cooed over it and covered it in kisses. And they left reviews--lots of reviews! Mostly good, but there's the occasional stinker. Even the cutest baby takes a bad photo once in awhile, right?  Then came March Into Hell. People who loved No Good Deed looked forward to MIH, but once the book was born, a few people didn't think MIH was quite as cute as his big brother. Luckily, others came to MIH's support and showered him with kisses--not as many as his brother, but still, he felt loved.

Deeds of Mercy was born over a year later, and some had forgotten about the little family, but those who remembered thought DoM was probably the cutest of the three little books. While kisses were few and far between, they were heartfelt and the love behind them made up for the scarcity.

Seven months later, Mark Taylor: Genesis was born. MTG was like an embryo that had been created but not implanted right away. Technically, he was the oldest since his conception took place before the others, but he'd been put in cold storage until his brothers were already born. He was small and fragile, and people said they could now see where his brothers got their looks. They liked MTG and soon, he was like a mash-up of the oldest and youngest and people felt they had to chime in to compare him. They usually dropped a kiss on his head, but sometimes wondered why he was so short. Maybe because he's different, he gets more comments than the two middle books. MIH and DoM try not to be jealous of all the kisses he receives and they're used to it--after all, oldest brother No Good Deed still steals most of the attention.

Now, a new brother, March Into Madness has been born. Where will he fit in? Will he be covered in kisses? Or will he be like the middle child who is lucky to have a few kisses as a baby and then nothing but a yearly school photo? Right now, March Into Madness is just a newborn. While appreciated and loved by close friends and family, will he escape notice of neighbors? Will he have to live his life in the shadow of his older brothers? Always being compared? He's the baby right now, and that bestows certain privileges, but will he be the baby forever? Will more siblings come along?

If you've seen March Into Madness and want to show your love--leave a few kisses on his Amazon book page. As his mother, I'd hate for him to look back and feel like nobody cared.


  1. I think people are loving your new baby! His sales rank is #7,346 as I write this. Wow! That's great!

    Congrats on your new release!